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Han Valiant Productions is an exciting collaboration between the composers Johan Petersen and Mathias Valiant. Mathias met Johan, a Danish/Faroese guitar virtuoso and songwriter, at a local jam. He himself was creating epic symphonies for the Danish Animation Workshop in Viborg. Sharing a love for epic movie- and video game music, they decided to join forces to create the ultimate soundtracks.


So what can you expect out of these two when it comes to your project specifically?



Music that isn’t just a combination of sounds, but an array of emotions and plays to people’s senses. An ability to make a thought, idea or concept of yours come alive and be presented the best way possible. Creating feelings in the listener that matches what you are looking for.


Not only do the two of us work great together, but we strive to incorporate you in the work process as well. Instead of just getting an assignment and delivering the product, we value your input along the way, ensuring that your vision is guided and cared for.



Music isn’t just our job, it is our passion. That is why, whenever we get an assignment, we live and breath for it from the very start, as if it was our original baby.

Our work process can vary from project to project. Usually we start off by doing research and finding references to inspire us. We focus a lot on theme building, creating recognizable themes that stand out and fit the emotions of a given scene. Getting further into the creative process, such aspects as timing, soundscaping and communicating with you to find just the right sound is very important to us. Although we have a lot of fun with our work, we take it very seriously too and have a tendency of perfection that drives us towards always doing our very best.






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Mathias Valiant